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About us

The Grassy Park Empowerment Forum was established on the 1st October 2015.

Our goal is to function as a community centred NPO striving to empower the community by engaging with our various community leaders and working alongside other local organisations to uplift, support and encourage.

For the community by the community.

Founding members

Elsabe Benjamin
Shona Arendse
Louis Arendse
Miley Raban
Aziza Solomon
Elton Bezuidenhout
Ilhaam Raban
David Benjamin
Beverley Roode
Abe Samuels

Our Mission

To build a community that is forward thinking, creating a positive change and fostering unity. 

Our Vision

To instil community values, cultivating life skills and empowering individuals to become self-sufficient. 

The GPEF in collaboration with 

Grassy Park SAPS, Grassy Park Neighborhood Watches, New Horizon Civic Association and CPF 

appeals for your support for



The Grassy Park Empowerment Forum, a registered NPO, in collaboration with New Horizon Civic Association, Grassy Park CPF / SAPS and GP Neighborhood Watches have launched a Sanitary Pad & Female hygiene drive in support of women and girls in the greater Grassy Park community. In line with the GPEF’s vision and mission of building community and empowerment we are proud to drive this initiative and therefore appeal for your support.

This initiative aims to collect personal hygiene care items and sanitary towels to be distributed to the less fortunate women and girls in our community. These items will be distributed via our various community workers to identified individuals.

Our Motto for this drive is ‘Emancipate ourselves from the prescribed gender superiority roles.’

We are reaching approximately 10 000 families spread over the areas of Grassy Park, Lotus River, Parkwood, Ottery, New Horizon, Pelican Park and Eagle Park on a daily basis.

We would appreciate any cash donations or sanitary towels, soap, wash cloths, sanitiser and female personal care items for this drive. We are happy to furnish a Section 18A tax certificate for any financial donations.

Financial donations can be done via EFT into the following bank account:
Nedbank cheque account: 1188 64 65 59
Account name: Grassy Park Empowerment Forum

Our contact person for this drive is Mr. David Benjamin and he can be reached at 082 592 3830.



The community needs your help

Due to the lockdown many homes are facing hard times.

The Grassy Park Empowerment forum, Grassy Park Community Police Forum and Grassy Park SAPS together with New Horizon Civic Association, have embarked on a drive to help ease some of the challenges with food parcels. These parcels will be delivered to those in need. To achieve such a venture we are appealing for donations.

The Grassy Park Empowerment Forum is a registered NPO and is tax compliant with a PBO Number.

Our Partners

How you can help

You can help the community of Grassy Park by making a financial donation to the Grassy Park Empowerment Forum.

Your donation goes toward the community food bank. We are aware of the families in need of food parcels and will buy the food.  Deliveries and distribution is done in conjunction with SAPS to the relevant community members in need.

Make a direct deposit at your nearest ATM
Make an EFT deposit into the following bank account:

ACCOUNT NR.: 1188646559
REF: Lockdown


The Grassy Park Empowerment Forum is a registered NPO.
NPO number: 155-153
PBO number: 930057257

Thanks to all the donations we were able to deliver Food parcels, Loaves of bread and Emergency parcels to those in dire need.


Food Parcels 

Emergency parcels

Loaves of Bread 

updated 10 July 2020

Thank you to our sponsors!

Many more to come!

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Contact us

We can be reached at: 

Telephone: 021-7060127

Email: gpeforum@gmail.com